Katie was truly scared, she didn’t like all the doctors coming in, she knew she had to go back to treatment, and there would be somebody from the clinic to take her so they knew she went, she didn’t want to get better and then sometimes, she wished she had chosen to get better. Every time she tried, she got scared and ran away. She was afraid that she’d have nothing left. Katie had never felt so alone before. Katie’s brave and happy act was nothing new, but she didn’t think she had enough energy to put it on anymore, not even in front of Maya or her parents. She hated lying to them, and everyone else, but she didn’t want another thing taken away from her. 

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    Katie looked up when she heard Eli. She gave him a small wave. Katie was never good about food, or opening up to people,...
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    Eli was sitting at home for a while with sick little Kaidence. Eli was scared for her daughter since she was so ill....